As the winter season sets in here in the mountains of northeastern Georgia we begin the season of hibernation…a time of slowing down the pace, resting, conserving energy and building our strength for the coming spring.  For me a staple of winter has always been soup ~ be it Chili, Chowder, Stew or good Old Fashion Chicken Soup ~ these hearty and healthful bowls of goodness bring comfort and nourishment to me and my family on cold winter days and evenings.  And so, throughout the winter months here at Annie’s At Alley’s Deli we will be offering up a variety of soups to help our customers take the chill off.  Whether you just need a bowl for lunch or a pot for your family dinner you can count on us.  This coming Saturday, Dec.10, we will be offering ‘Soup Tasting’.  Then beginning next week and continuing throughout the remainder of the month and in January and February we will be offering ‘Soup To Go’…just call at least 2 days ahead and we will have a ‘pot’ of your choice of soup ready for you to pick up and take home.

Today I am introducing the first of our new soups…Hearty Lentil & Vegetable. 

This soup is full of nutrition and goodness…from the protein rich lentils to the antioxidant packed chard I believe you will find it to be both tasty and satisfying.  This is a purely vegetarian soup for our customers who refrain from eating meat and also great if you are ‘gluten intolerant’.

Stop by for a bowl or a taste.
Get it while it is hot!

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