Umm umm good!!!  This hearty, rustic Brunswick Stew was a staple at a small cafe (The Baron York) where I worked for over 6 years.  Named ‘Millers Stew’ in honor of one of our regular customers, Dr. Miller, who ate a bowl of it every time he came to lunch…and often took a bowl or 2 home with him for dinner!

I am pleased to have the recipe and permission to use it now so I can share it with my new friends at Annie’s.  Made with beef, pork and chicken, slow cooked with a special mesquite seasoning and BBQ sauce, then combined with corn and tomatoes, this is a stew packed with flavor…perfect for a cold winter day.  Or order a ‘Soup-to-Go’ pot for a great evening meal on a cold winter night.
Come check out this delicous Stew during our ‘Soup Tasting’ Saturday Dec. 10 from 11am – 7pm as part of our ‘Christmas In Lakemont’ event!

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