Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Tanya Smith and I will be managing Annie’s at Alley’s Market and Deli throughout the year ahead.  I took on the responsibility of manager in November to give Annie the opportunity to pursue other projects and still keep the store open.  Having only worked at the market/deli part-time for a little over a year I realize that many of you have never met me and know nothing about me or my background.  I thought this would be a good place to introduce myself and tell you a little about me.  I hope to meet all of you in the near future and look forward to us getting to know one another in the months ahead…for now here is my story…

Born and raised in the small high desert town of Palmdale California many of my best childhood memories revolve around a small grocery/deli Lori’s Store, owned by the grandparents of one of my childhood friends.  I remember what a special treat it was to dip into the icy cooler and pull out a bottle of soda or an ice cream bar, or choose a candy bar from the shelf.  My friend and I would often sit out on the porch of the store and enjoy our goodies while my parents shopped or discussed the latest news with the grandfather…thus my love affair with country stores began.  Throughout my lifetime I came across many other small country or community stores and they always exuded such charm…from the Mediterranean Market in Carmel California we frequented on visits to my oldest brothers home in nearby Monterey, to the small mom & pop market, Hill Street Grocery down the street from our home in La Grange Georgia, I always loved these small family owned stores…there is a very special sense of community about them.  My husband of 35 years, Tim, shares my love of small stores and has his own childhood memories of growing up around one such market, TP Market, owned by his uncle and where his dad worked.  We have often talked about perhaps one day owning our own little country store and/or small restaurant, so for us Annie’s is the perfect opportunity to test the waters.  I first discovered Annie’s while a friend and I were out photographing in the area.  A few weeks later my job with the census bureau afforded me the pleasure of getting to know the area and its local citizens and Annie’s became my favorite stop for lunch.  On my last day with the census bureau I stopped in for a sort of farewell lunch and mentioned to Annie that if she ever needed some extra help I would love to work at the store…the rest is history.

In addition to my love for country stores, I have worked in the food service industry for over 25 years as everything from bus-girl to food prep/cook to manager.  I also have extensive retail experience in sales, management and marketing and have owned my own small business…AND I love people.  I truly believe that everything happens for a reason…nothing happens by chance…so here we are.

I have been holding down the fort during the winter months, and my husband Tim has been helping some on weekends which he will continue to do as we move into the busier season. Also, for any of you wondering, Stacye will be back in the spring along with all of her delicious salads.   We all look forward to seeing you whenever you are in the area.  And I look forward to meeting and getting to know every one of you in the coming months.  We all promise to do our best to continue to serve the community of Lakemont and surrounding area, all of our friends and guests here at Annie’s At Alley’s Market & Deli.

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear…

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